A espanhola FacePhi fecha contrado com a argentina Red Link

Alicante, 18th September 2017. The Spanish Company, FacePhi, with its Argentinian partner, Compusistem, and Red Link have signed a contract to provide them with ID validation and facial recognition technology to use it during the “digital onboarding” process. The agreement will allow banks, companies and government agencies to verify their clients and users’ identity through different solutions such as the Digital Onboarding, among others. This FacePhi’s technology, known as ME, was presented during the Mobile World Congress edition that took place in Barcelona last February. The ME solution is based on the ID verification, as well as the facial biometric validation just taking a selfie. In this way, the “digital onboarding” process is carried out in a faster, secure and comfortable way. With this contract, FacePhi consolidates its position in the Argentinian market as leader Company of facial recognition solutions applied in the banking and financial sector. Red Link, leader in innovation and trendy technology, has 47 affiliated that have trusted FacePhi because of its experience in biometric solutions of facial recognition. Nowadays, the transactions and activities with Selphi and ME, authentication and digital onboarding, increased to more than 100M of uses. Red Link S.A. is a Company of Argentinian capital created in 1988, leader in computer services of high quality. Red Link provides services to the main financial entities, credit card companies or other type of clients related to ATMs, home banking, mobile and secure solutions or tax collection. With more than 27 years in the Argentinian market, Red Link is a society formed by 47 financial entities. Compusistem S.A. is a Company with more than 30 years of experience in the national and internacional market offering Software Integrated Solutions and Technology. Since its inception, the main goal was to build total solutions with breakthrough technologies, giving simple answers to complex needs. Throughout the years, COMPUSISTEM has been growing up and increasing the number of agencies and products, offering computer solutions to large corporations and gaining Strategic Alliances, the ones that has positioned it as Integrator of Technological Solutions www.compusistem.com FacePhi Biometría is a public company listed on the MAB (Spanish Alternative Investment Market) and beneficiary of the Horizon2020, the biggest EU financial programme to deploy research and innovation projects, specialized in developing and marketing facial recognition software. FacePhi (www.facephi.com) is one of the most relevant manufacturers in the world, working for banking, vehicle, private security and public sectors. FacePhi focuses its activity on mobile devices, reducing fraud in accounts. Its facial recognition software uses own algorithms, which makes it the original owner of the FaceRecognition technology. FacePhi reached 60M of authentications during 2016 and nowadays has presence in 18 countries, such as Panama, Chile, Colombia and Argentina among others.