Banco Pacífico implementa tecnologia FacePhi

Alicante, 4th December 2015.- The tech Company, FacePhi, has implemented successfully its facial recognition software in Banco del Pacífico in Ecuador. The agreement with the entity reaches the next three years and its main goal is to use the facial biometrics of the listed Spanish company in different channels of the bank to increase the security of its clients.   With this agreement, there are six financial entities that have decided to increase the security of their clients with the technology that the company from Alicante offers, allowing it to continue with its expansion strategy and making it a global leader in facial biometric applied in banking sector. From today, the clients of Banco Pacífico can access to their banking accounts through their mobile devices by using their face. The bank has become the second financial entity of Ecuador (the first one was Banco Guayaquil) that offers to the users the facial recognition technology of FacePhi.   The FINTECH sector (Financial Tech Companies) is now booming and a proof of it is that the clients of Banco del Pacífico could access to check balances of their accounts quickly and in a safely through a “selfie”.     Banco del Pacífico S.A. was founded in 1972 and upgraded the Ecuadorian of financial system breaking some old concepts and traditional methods of the banks, and the innovative use of the high technology, that made it a benchmark in the region and country. As a result of a professional and prudent manage of its administration, it is positioned as one of the biggest and most modern banks in Ecuador:   Facephi Biometría is a public company listed on the MAB (Spanish Alternative Investment Market), specialized in developing and marketing facial recognition software and is one of the most relevant manufacturers in the world, working for banking, vehicle, private security and public sectors. FacePhi focuses its activity on mobile devices, reducing fraud in accounts. FacePhi is one the main technology stocks which was listed on the MAB it has direct presence in 18 different countries, among which we found Latam strategic markets such as Panama, Chile, Colombia, and Argentina. Its facial recognition software uses own algorithms, which makes it the original owner of the FaceRecognition technology. For more information: